a handmade Christmas: mason jar snow globes

Last night I made my first decoration of the Christmas season, inspired by this beautiful blog. And it was super easy (and cheap)!
 All you need are mason jars, small trees (like these) and anything to use as snow. I used powdered sugar because I had it lying around.
I also added some baker's twine to give it a more complete look.
I made five of these for less than $5 total!
 Now I have to start getting out Christmas decorations so I can figure out where I want to put these up! Happy Wednesday, friends!


Aaron said...

These are pretty cool. I'm surprised they don't include some sort of fluid like a real snow globe, though. I wonder if that could be done, then the lid sealed on permanently?

Unknown said...

That's a good idea, Aaron! I bet Eliza would like that more, too, because then she could play with it!

Aaron said...

I was thinking, it'd be hard to seal a mason jar with absolutely no air bubbles, because I'm pretty sure that's how a snow globe needs to be made (I don't think I've ever seen air bubbles in one).

All I can come up with is to top the jar off with water absolutely to the top, then have something mounted inside the lid that would force out just the right amount of water as you tighten it down. That could be something invisible like a convex piece of plastic, or maybe a star glue in place. Anything to displace some water would work.

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