a handmade Christmas: handmade doll

Last week I started working on Christmas crafts. Every year I have goals to do so much for Christmas (making homemade decor and gifts) but then I never actually getting around to doing most of it (or any of it). This year I started early.

For The Rose we've decided to keep her gifts simple this year, knowing that she is going to get great gifts and toys from lots of family. Last year we only gave each other four main gifts: something we want, need, wear and read. You can read about it all over Pinterest if you're interested.

With that in mind I decided to make her something that I hope she wants: a little doll.

This doll measures about 18 inches. I used this tutorial as inspiration, but I made my own pattern because I wanted a larger doll. Once I had my pattern ready (which took a while), actually making the doll only took me a couple hours. I used fabric and felt that I purchased from Joann's and buttons from my Great-Grandma's stash. This whole thing cost me only $10! 

It was so fun, I plan to make a few more for some of The Rose's friends for Christmas! And I plan to tweak a few things when I do, like I will probably try to change up the eyes and mouth (maybe use some fabric paint?) and the arms and legs (maybe just make them straight and add different style shoes?) and also the hair (more specific for the kiddos)
 Most of all, I am proud of myself for actually unpacking my sewing machine and getting this thing put together before 11:55pm on Christmas Eve. Because let's be honest... that's usually how I roll.

Are you making anything handmade for your littles this year? Please share in the comments below! I would love to see!

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