this weekend

This weekend was seriously a little slice of heaven.

It was a monumentally hard weekend for our family. Saturday marked two months since my Dad's passing, and Sunday was his birthday. I knew full well the weekend would be hard. Yet, I am so thankful for God's pursuit of my heart. He so perfectly timed the weekend to be filled with joy. Not joy that ignored the things that made the weekend hard, but joy that allowed me to embrace the hardness while doing things that made my heart overflow.

Our dear friends from Columbia, Missouri came to visit. We ate meals at our dining room table, visited the Cherry Street Farmer's Market (kind of) and The Coffee House on Cherry Street. We discovered the Mary K. Oxley Nature Center. We drove to OKC and lost our voices singing praises with Hillsong Worship. We checked out Church on the Move, played at Darlington Park, walked around Utica Square and treated ourselves to a nice dinner out.

My cup overfloweth.
And I have been wearing my pjs all day in recovery.

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Renda said...

I am so thankful for your weekend of blessings. Been praying for you so hard. I keep telling God "Please send us back to Oklahoma so I can be near Aimee!" I love that you tried Church on the Move. I would love to hear your thoughts! Praying for you and miss you!

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