The Rose's Bad Habit

I'm afraid that I contributed to one of The Rose's bad habits.

Since moving, we've started watching a lot of cartoons. We don't have cable but we do have four PBS channels here in the great Okie. At our old place (the in-between, temporary place), we didn't have internet or many things to do. I only unpacked one box of toys and a few books since we were only there for a few weeks, so even though we went somewhere most days to get out of the house, we spent at least a little bit of everyday watching cartoons.

But it got worse.

Recently, The Rose has been waking up consistently in the middle of the night to watch cartoons. At first it as cute. We were like "Oh, look how cute she is! She wakes up and knows what she wants and sits and watches TV so politely and transfixed. It's sooooooo cute!" And then like a day later it wasn't so cute.

It got to where she was waking up every. single. night. at just about the same time, and we were losing hours of sleep.

So I had to nip in the in bud.

I considered posting on Facebook for recommendations on what to do. And then I realized that I knew exactly what to do. Just cut the stupid cartoons at night.

So, two nights ago she woke up like regular and wanted to watch cartoons. I told her "no" but offered her a snack. We sat on the couch. She ate and pointed to the TV and cried when I told her no and pointed again and threw a fit but then after a few minutes she was done.

And then the sweetest thing happened. She crawled over to me and curled up on my chest with a blanket over the two of us and laid there like that for about 10 minutes. (The Rose is not a cuddly kiddo, especially with me, so this was a monumental moment). Once she seemed calm, I quietly walked her back to her crib, and she slept like a baby.

Last night was on repeat. The same exact thing happened. 

And as I was laying there on the couch with her curled up on my chest protected by a blanket and the quietness of the night, I couldn't help thanking my sweet Jesus for this special girl and this special moment and the stupid cartoons that got us there. I know that she will not always be so small or so young or so willing to curl up on my chest and cuddle with me on the couch and so I want to take every one of those cuddle sessions I can get. Don't get me wrong. I'd love a full night's sleep again real soon, but I won't give up a midnight cuddle session.


P.S. Our photo above was taken at Centennial Park on Monday night. It was one of the parks we've been wanting to check out. It has a great view of the city and is beautiful!

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