Scarf Hanger Tutorial

Today I wanted to share an idea I got from Brit Morin's book Homemakers
(You can probably find a copy at your local library).

All you need is a hanger, some shower curtain books and scarves.
 I chose IKEA shower curtain hooks because they're simple and cheap.
And really quickly it's a great way to organize your scarves.
I'm not doing too many projects right now, but this was an easy one that helped me get my closet organized. 

Speaking of getting organized (kind of) this weekend we are putting things up on the walls of our home. Wish us luck! (This is honestly one of THE hardest things for me. It's so permanent, my perfectionistic heart just wants to procrastinate! Know what I mean?!) I plan to share a home update Monday. Until then, happy weekend friends!

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