Darlington Park

 One of our favorite places to go so far in Tulsa has been Darlington Park
 It's a small, well-kept park in our neighborhood. It's close enough that we can hop in the car in our pjs and my coffee stays warm for at least 10 exhilarating trips down the slide. Honey loves it too because it has a great big lawn for her to catch the frisbee.
 It's technically walking distance. When we go in the evenings with Mr. Christopher we walk, but when it's just The Rose, Honeybadger and myself- we most definitely drive.

This is the place Eliza learned how to go down the slide by herself. 
Darlington Park, we love you.
Also, I promise that next week sometime I will share some home updates in pictures. I haven't yet because I'm a little insecure about some of the spaces we haven't finished, but our goal is to have those things done (not perfected, but done) by the end of October... so by next week. 

Have a great weekend, friends!

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Renda said...

So precious! Cant wait to see updates on the house!

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