creating with a toddler: sidewalk chalk

As The Rose is growing more into a toddler, our days are becoming more and more focused on intentional teaching. It's been good and challenging for this teacher-mama.

Often times I feel overwhelmed with what to teach her.
Do I need to write a lesson plan?
How much time do I spend on something?
What if she's bored and ready to move on?
I'm trying to educate myself on what it looks like to teach a 17 month old.
In the meantime, we're focusing on the basics for small chunks throughout the day.
I also want to encourage her in her creativity. 
I dream about these really special moments where her and I are painting our own pieces with coffee and milk in hand, listening to the Beatles and thinking deeply about life.
But then I hand her a marker and realize we are far from that.
I forgot that I have to teach her how to use those things too.
Last week we started with chalk outside on our sidewalk. 
(I highly recommend chalk for a 1+ year old)!
She loved it. 
Right now she only draws lines, BUT the lines are getting darker and longer, so hey, progress right?
And the only downside to chalk is when inside she gets confused and tries to draw on the floor. (But at least it wipes off easily).
I have absolutely loved these moments with my little Rose learning and drawing and being outside.
Everyday I feel grateful that I am her Mama.
Everyday I feel grateful that I am her teacher, too.
I love this little babe.

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