5 Simple Packing Tips

Good morning, friends! Today I wanted to share with you 5 Simple Packing Tips! Before I do I want to say that I by no means am calling myself a packing expert. However, we have moved 5 times in the short 6.5 years that Mr. Christopher and I have been married. And we, most recently, moved twice in the past two months.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share a few tips that helped us along the way.

Number ONE: Get rid of yo' stuff! Before we even started packing, I spent entire week with my best friend sorting through every single room in our home, purging things along the way. She was so helpful to have around because she's a natural purger. Not only that, she helped me to separate some emotional attachment to things, gave me encouragement on what I needed vs. needed to get rid of, and she motivated me.

We separated things into three categories: trash, donated items and yard sale. We trashed things that we didn't think were worth donating, donated small items and clothing and set aside mostly large items for a yard sale.

Each day we would load up our SUV with big black trash bags of items to donate, and each morning Mr. Christopher would drop them off at our local thrift store on his way to work. We also would put our trash outside and yard sale items in the basement each day. It was such an excellent system.

Then, at the end of the week we had a yard sale. Everything that didn't sell at the end of the day went straight to our local thrift store that afternoon.

I swear we got rid of at least one third of our stuff. It's crazy, folks!

[If you have more questions about this process, shoot me an email for sure]!

Number TWO: Find boxes for FREE! Boxes can be pretty pricey, so one way that we saved money was by getting our boxes for free.

One of the first things we did was post on Facebook that we needed boxes. Often times there are people in your community that have boxes to get rid of too, and it's much easier for them to give them to someone than recycle or throw them away. Right away we had some friends that had just moved offer to give us their boxes. Not only that, but they gave us a bunch of bubble wrap, too!

Another way we found extra boxes was by perusing (I think I spelled that right!) the back of grocery or department stores. Now, I wouldn't recommend doing this at night... alone... in the dark... but I would recommend doing this with a buddy and a car with lots of space! We actually had to do this a couple times because the first time we went happened to be trash day, so all the bins were empty, but the second time we went we hit the jackpot and picked up about 40 boxes! Score!

Number THREE: Set aside a little magic box. I honestly cannot remember where I read this before we started packing but I am so thankful I did. I picked out a small clear tote to keep little odds and ends in that were important. Once we started packing, we bagged up small pieces of things, labeled them and stuck them in our little magic box.

For instance, when Mr. Christopher disassembled our master bed, he put all the screws and small parts in a bag, labeled it "Master Bed" and put the baggie in the magic box. When it came time to put the bed together at the new house we didn't have to search for a ton of boxes just to find the pieces. They were all right there!

At the end of the packing we added in a screwdriver, hammer, some cash, our keys, a candle (priorities people!) and any other small important items. Over the entire moving process we referred to the little magic box as the little magic box and it seriously was magic. Do it, people!

Number FOUR: Pack all home decor items together. The thing we started packing was our home decor items. If you followed my blog or Instagram before you know that I looooooove to decorate my home. That being said, I had a lot of home decor items to pack up.

Once I started I went all through the house and packed all of my home decor items together, not separated. The reason I did this was because I wanted the creative freedom to put my home decor items wherever I wanted when I unpacked.

Often times (at least for me) we can get stuck in decorating the same way we always have done, but moving is a great opportunity to change things up. Also, it was way easier to pack this way too so I had fewer fragile boxes and could put everything together. And when it comes time to start decorating your new home, you have all of your boxes together!

Finally, Number FIVE: Be okay with the chaos. The last few weeks of packing were a huge challenge for my Type A heart. There were boxes everywhere. My home seemed in shambles. I wasn't sure it would all get done. But it did, and it will for you, too. Give yourself some grace, drink lots of coffee and be sure to take breaks with your best buds.

I would love to hear some of your favorite packing tips! Please leave them here in the comments for others to read!

Happy day, friends!


Rachel Taylor said...

When we moved from IL, we labeled every box with a number and kept a notebook with the number and corresponding contents (kept in our own magic box!). This was SO helpful for our situation because we lived with a friend for several months at first and knew exactly what boxes to unpack during the time we lived with him. Then when we moved into our house, I knew exactly where the cookie sheets were, etc., and was able to unpack in a *kind of* organized way!

Aimee Swift said...

That's an awesome and SUPER organized idea Rachel! Thanks for sharing. That would have been helpful for us this past month, since we lived in a temporary duplex for a while. I will have to remember that in the future. How many boxes did you end up having??

Alyssa Hogan said...

Very good tips! Last year when my family moved we did exactly the same things. We packed a lot of unnecessary stuff and we donated them. We also marked each box so later was very easy to find our stuff easily.

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