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Hello friends & family. Welcome back to my blog! Or maybe you should welcome me back?

My last post was shortly after The Rose's first birthday party. It was such joyful day as we jam-packed our little Swift Abode with family and friends.

Thinking back to May, I'm pretty sure planning her birthday party our biggest "challenge" that what on our minds.

We had just made a huge life decision for me to quit my job as a teacher and transition to being a stay-at-home-Mama. Her birthday party was only days after packing up my classroom, so I hadn't really gotten into a "routine". We had lots of plans for the summer. We had planned to go to Branson around fourth of July for a family get-away. We had planned to go to Colorado for a staff retreat with our church staff. I had planned to get more involved with The Rose at the children's' library reading times. I had lots of lofty dreams of cooking yummy meals, grilling on our porch and roasting marshmallows in our fire pit. We also had a few plans for our home, putting in new window frames and painting our shed.

And then life happened.

My Dad used to always say "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." That's really what John Lennon used to say, but my Dad stole it from time to time.

I was not ready for what happened next.

In a matter of months, my sweet Daddy died, we sold our Swift Abode and moved to Oklahoma. Let me be clear, moving to Oklahoma is nothing in comparison to unexpectedly losing my Dad, but it has added to the challenge of our summer.

I am fresh in grieving. I have moments that are really hard. Most days I feel numb. And I have days that feel good too, though those are pretty infrequent, to be completely honest.

Our family has been in a weird "in limbo" phase since July, staying at friend's homes, parents homes, all kinds of places that are not our home.

But! Just this past weekend we moved into our permanent (for a while) rental in Tulsa, OK. The company Mr. Christopher is working for graciously bought us a house to rent from them to give us time to get to know the city before we buy. We are so incredibly thankful for that.

And so as we begin to unpack our lives and settle our hearts in Tulsa, I plan to blog.

For years blogging was a therapeutic output for myself. (You can go back through years of my posts here if you need some proof)! I love blogging for so many reasons: Blogging gives me a creative outlet, it allows me to express myself through writing and it keeps our family and friends updated.

I also love the memory aspect of it. I can go back and look at so many sweet memories even now of my Dad, of Mr. Christopher, Honey, Eliza, our old home, so. many. things. I love that! I miss that! And I want my kiddos to be able to go through and do the same thing, whether its 10 years from now or 50 years from now (assuming the internet will still be around then)!

SO. save my blog if you'd like, follow on Facebook, InstagramBloglovin or email, whatever!

(P.S. A few people have asked about Aimee Bee Shop. I'm sure at some point I will go back to putting my crafty skills to work there, but as of right now I am not re-opening, just purely blogging for the fun of it)!

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