home sweet home in TULSA, OK

Welcome to our Tulsa Home!

We moved in last weekend. Here are some before photos to let you get an idea of the layout:

(I'm sensing a lot of porch-swing-hangs in my future)!


Living room



Master bedroom

Eliza's room

Guest room

This house is a rental, which means that all of those skills we learned in our old Swift Abode have to wait patiently until we purchase our own home. (Honestly, this is really hard for Mr. Christopher)! 

We chose to rent for a few reasons: first, we know nothing about Tulsa. We have no idea where we'd like to live or even what kind of house we'd like to get. (Our Swift Abode was a cheap fixer-upper, so our mortgage payments were cheap but we put money into fixing up the house every few months. But we've been considering getting more of a fixed up home this time around, which means our budget would have to be a little higher. We're not sure yet)! The second reason we decided to rent was Mr. Christopher's employer, McGraw Realtors, graciously offered to buy us a house to rent from them while we figure things out. We jumped on that opportunity, and this is the house!

There are many things I already love about this house:

  • The porch swing
  • Open floor plan between the living room and kitchen. (This was McGraw's idea. Genius). I appreciate this so much more after having a house that was not like this before.
  • All one floor. (AKA: No stairs to freak out over The Rose falling down, because we all know she would be all. over. those).
  • In Midtown area, which we hear is great.
  • Close to Mr. Christopher's work.
So here's what I need from y'all. (I'm going to start saying y'all now because I live in the SOUTH, okay y'all)??

We need a name for our home! Our last home was the Swift Abode. I loved giving it a name. That home will always be sweet to us, be our first home, be our Swift Abode. So that means we need a NEW name for our Tulsa Rental. We've thrown a few around but just can't come up with something that suites.

Ideas!? Please share them in the comments below or on Facebook. Help us out!


Lindsay Stadter said...

Tulsa Manor?

KarenSHayes said...

Rose ranch or triple S ranch

Aimee Swift said...

Thanks for those ideas Lindsay and Karen! We haven't decided yet but need to soon!

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