The Rose is ONE!

On Sunday we celebrated The Rose's First Birthday at our home with a few close friends and family.
We wanted her party to be full of JOY because that is what she brings to our life. Seriously. Not that she is easy-peasy 100% of the time, but she really is such a sweet, happy, vibrant little thing and she's only just ONE year old. I get so excited to think about all the future that she has in store. And that I get to enjoy watching all of it because I am her Mama.

Eliza Rose: We love you absolutely, forever and always. You are a beauty inside and out. We love your outgoing spirit (although I have to admit sometimes it terrifies me). You are so brilliant and curious and strong and full of life. Thank you for changing ours and bringing so much JOY. We love you!

[P.S. Shout out to Mr. Christopher and Anna for helping me capture the day!]

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