Why we cloth diaper.

 Did you know that we cloth diaper?
We have been since The Rose was about two months old. 
And now that it's been about six months of cloth diapering (meaning I've changed hundreds of cloth diapers) I want to share why we cloth diaper.

 But before I do, I want to say this:
Cloth diapering works for us. It doesn't work for everybody. I in no way would wish cloth diapering on parents who are not wanting to cloth diaper. If you're going to do it, you really have to commit, and probably from the beginning, or near beginning.
I don't think cloth diapering is the way, I think it is one way. And it works for us. That's why I want to share, especially if there are any Mamas out there considering it.

 We cloth diaper for a few reasons:
First, it saves us a butt-ton of money, excuse my french. It really does.
We use flip diapers (you can find them here) and flip inserts (you can find them here). When we knew we were preggers we registered for about twenty cloth diapers and thirty inserts, of different varieties. Thankfully, because our friends and family are amazing, we were given almost all of the diapers and inserts we registered for. Even now, The Rose is almost eight months old, and we have only bought about 4 or 5 diapers and two inserts total. Since we are able to wash them, we don't need to buy more (I just sometimes do because they're cute).

But even if you don't have friends and family to buy you diapers, it still can save a ton of money over time, especially if you plan on having more that one kiddo. Honestly, I'm not sure how much the average family spends on disposable diapers per week, but I bet it's pricey. When we travel we use disposable diapers and we go through them so fast, I can't imagine the cost if we were using them everyday.

Another reason we use them is because they provide more protection for number two. I don't know about other babies, but The Rose was notorious for pooping out the back of her disposable diapers in the first two months. Every. Single. Time. We went through 5-10 onesies a day just because of her poop! Granted, she was a newborn and pooped a whole lot more, but even now when we are traveling and we are using disposables, she will poop out the back. Flip diapers have a great elastic waste-band that keeps all those glorious runs right inside her diaper. We hardly ever have to change a onesie because of leakage.

We also use them because they are adorable. Although Mr. Christopher would never have agreed to using them because of this reason, it is a major perk for me! They come in a variety of colors and every couple months Cotton Babies releases a genius print (those are the four or five we have bought since The Rose has been born). Like right now, look at this darling one. But I didn't buy it because Mr. Christopher has asked me to not buy any more (for now). Sad face.

Another great thing about cloth diapers is their love for the environment. The Rose goes through about 6ish diaper changes a day. Most of these (unless it's number two) don't need a new diaper cover, just a new insert. So really we can go through about three diaper covers a day and about six inserts. Give or take on the day. We wash her diapers about every five days. The only added cost is laundry detergent (which is nothing!) and water (so excpensive). I hope you noticed my sarcasm. Because we aren't using disposables all those disposables that we would have used are being saved from being in the trash dump. So that feels a little good.

Those are the major reasons we use cloth diapers. 
There are definitely some downfalls though, and I want to be honest about those.

One bummer is they are not as great at wicking away the moisture from The Rose's skin, which means she will get a small diaper rash about once every couple weeks. When that happens we just put her in disposables for a few hours and usually she is good to go.

Another bummer is for traveling. Some Mamas are hardcore and use cloth diapers when they travel. I am not that hardcore. I do not like using cloth when we travel because it means another bag just for diapers and inserts. Not a fan of that.

The last (and probably most thought of) downfall of cloth diapers is dealing with number two.
Yes, you have to touch it when you clean the diapers.
Yes, it is kind of gross and yes it makes your wash machine smell a bit (just clean it though every now and then), but I promise you it is worth it! Knowing how much we save in diapers makes us persevere.

So there's my two cents.
Again, I do not think cloth diapering is for everyone. I don't think it's what anyone should do, it just works for us and I wanted to share why.

I'd love to hear your reasons for and for not cloth diapering in the comments below!

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Aaron said...

I'm not cheap, but I hate watching money be thrown away, which is all you're doing with disposable diapers. It's especially annoying those times you put a new one on, and 10 minutes later it's going in the trash.

Disposables have their place away from home, where you can just toss them in a trash can at a restaurant or whatever, but when you're at home, you might as well just wash cloth ones and recycle them for another day.

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