this man

Have I told you about this man?
He is so good for me.
The Lord blessed my life the day we became friends. And he continues to bless my life by making him my husband.

I talked last week about my desire for the 2015 year (and hopefully continually!) to stop grumbling, start doing. One of the people I have to confess that I grumble about the most is this man. 

I mean, come on. We live with each other. 
We know each other better than any. other. person. on. earth.
That's a crazy thought.

The other night we were laying in bed, The Rose in between us, and I asked him if he ever stared at me and stared at me long enough that he thought it was weird that it was me and that he knew me so well but then all of a sudden it's like he doesn't recognize me? 

He just looked at me like I was crazy.

But that happens with me all the time, people.
I stare at him so long that I start to think how weird it is that he chose me and I chose him and we are together forever on earth (until death do us part) and that we will know each other better than any. other. person. on. earth. knows us and that's just crazy.

But that is how it is.
And I have to confess that I have grumbled about him, probably because I live with him and know him better than anyone else. 
But that does not make it okay.

I am his wife. When I signed up for that I signed up to be his biggest advocate, his strongest supporter, his greatest companion.
I signed up love him all the days, even the days I have to choose to love him and don't feel like it. Even the days when our kitchen is a mess and there are dirty diapers needing to be washed and the floor is covered in paw prints and I come home and we have to rush to this and that place and we can't find the keys.
Even on those days.

And even on those days he doesn't deserve for me to grumble.

Can I have hard days? Yeah.
Can I have days that I want to cry and pout and take a hot bath? Heck yeah!
But does that mean I need to take it out on him. No.

So ladies, friends, family, hear me now and keep me in check.
Keep this grumbling mouth in line.
Please and thank you!


Oh, and check out his story about duck hunting here!

AND my girl Marge who took our family photos (above) here!

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