Mama Thoughts

Yesterday I was off from school, so Mr. Christopher and I were able to take The Rose to baby story time at the public library.
It was a total cheese fest, but I loved it.
It was so sweet to be able to watch her sing (more like squeal), play and interact with other people in stories and songs. 
It made me really excited about summer. About having three months of going to story times, taking morning walks, doing all the things I think stay-at-home Mama's probably do but probably things I won't necessarily do someday when I finally am a stay-at-home Mama.
And all of this thinking reminded me that I need to live in the present.
I need to be the Mama to The Rose that I am today, not the one I want to be some day when we're able to afford it.

So, today I'm striving to be her Mama here and now. The Mama that wakes up and leaves at 6am and plays with her all afternoon and evening on the living room rug.
The Mama that is a tad bit messy and not always organized and a lot of the time forgetful.
The Mama that is comfortable in her own skin, in her own home, with her own husband, in her own life.
That's the Mama my Rose needs me to be.

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