Guest Room Remodel

A few months ago we fixed up our guest room.

For as long as we've been married, we've had a roommate living in our guest room. Now that our new roomie has her own nursery, we decided to make it look like a room guests would actually want to stay in. (HINT, HINT Grandparents of The Rose)!

And because the majority of our swift abode is covered in flowers and pretty things, Mr. Christopher went to town with decorating the guest room ... with my help of course!

Here's BEFORE:

A mixture of Marvel and a thrifted flower blanket... an old shower curtain for window curtains... and basically everything else we didn't want in any of our other rooms was our Guest Room.

And now AFTER...

What we did:

  • Rearranged the room for a better fit.
  • Bought curtains and curtain rods. (IKEA: curtains $10 each, rods $2 each)
  • Bought a duvet cover. (IKEA: $20)
  • Bought three frames to hang Mr. Christopher's art ($5 each)
  • Displayed all his Marvel goods
We still need to put in new windows. The window that is currently there is an orignal (80 years old!) and the other window has been covered by plywood. This will be a bit more costly, so we'll hopefully get to do that soon!

So there ya have it. Mr. Christopher described the room as his high school "dream room." I think that means he likes it!

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