Dismantling Christmas - Happy 2015!

This Christmas was magical.

It was a sweet first Christmas with The Rose.
It was special to start traditions with her,
to watch her open her presents (or mostly eat her presents),
to take in the advent season and give thanks to a God that saves.
I loved being able to celebrate this sweet and serious season with her, Mr. Christopher and Honey.

We traveled for seven days straight.
And now we are ready for 2015. (A day late).
Yesterday we dismantled Christmas, re-organized parts of our home and started a clean sweep of our house (although there's much more to be done... isn't there always more to be done)?!

And I am ready to get back into some previous hobbies (like blogging and crafting).
And I am also ready for some new adventures (more to be shared about this soon, one of which includes updating this little blog of mine)!

Cheers to 2015!

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