pixie to pony: DAY 1

A year and a half ago I chopped off my hair and got a tattoo. Some people thought I was going through my quarter life crisis. I like to think that I was finally feeling free enough to try some new things I always wanted to do.

But now it's been a while. I'm a lady of change. And while I am still super happy about that JOY tat above my elbow, I am super ready for a change in the hair department.

Last Spring I tried growing out my hair. But I also had a baby. And if you know anything about postpartum life, things are already super emotional, super hard, super up and down, high and low, and all that jazz. I quickly realized then that I was not in the mood to deal with crazy Aimee hair. So, I gave in and chopped my hair off again after a month of trying to grow it out.

But this time I want to do it for real. I love my pixie cut and I will most definitely go back to it at some point in my life, but I also liked my longer hair too and I am ready to go back to that for now. I'm a lady who likes change.

So I decided as a way to have fun with growing out my pixie and also as a way to motivate and push myself to continue growing out my pixie, I'm going to take a photo weekly(ish) to share the transformation. And who knows, maybe it will motivate others that have a fear of the "in between stage" to go to a pixie and back and forth too? I also plan on trying to some different things for this crazy hair of mine, like maybe new shampoo, vitamins and so forth. (I'll let you know if I do)!

So here goes: Day #1 of #pixietopony! (I got it cut today for a fresh start).

Wish me luck. And maybe send me lots of headbands? :)

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