craft sabbath: embroidery hoop art

I am a woman of unfinished projects. I have so many ideas, so many interests, so many things floating around in this crazy brain of mine. Usually to rest I craft, but sometimes this can even be difficult when I have a few unfinished projects on my mind. (Because even though I don't always finish them, it really, really, REALLY bothers me that I don't).

Last year I did the thrift my junk series to motivate myself to finish some of the unfinished projects I had sitting around in my basement. That was pretty therapeutic, finishing instead of buying more and continuing to not finish.

This past week I was cleaning out my craft closet when I ran across a cross-stitch pattern I bought last summer. It was one of those $1 finds at Michaels that I love. I hadn't cross-stitched in years, but the idea of having a planned out, simple project was really appealing to me.

But surprise, surprise I didn't finish it.

I went to work on the little booger the last two days. Every time The Rose would nap I would pull out my needle and thread. There were so many other things I could have been doing: dishes, laundry, sweeping Honey's hair off our hardwood floor. You know, the usual. But instead I sat beside my little 3 month old on the couch, listening to soap operas I didn't care about and stitched away.

And at the end of the day, I am really proud.

This is why I love craft sabbath. I love the example our Father in Heaven set by resting, and I love that it gives me a great excuse to choose to rest. To take a break from my busy schedule, to take a break from doing chores and cleaning house to just rest and be and be refreshed so that I am able to be a better wife, mama, and friend.

And this will make a nice addition in The Rose's nursery.

Happy Saturday! Happy resting!

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