The Rose: 1 month

Okay, seriously. I don't know how you moms do it. Beautifully photograph your infant. It's a mystery to me. I wait until she's sleepy and of course she wakes up. She squirms and screams all through it. But what the heck. This is life, right?

So this was THE BEST of the one million photos I took of The Rose posing in her chair with her fox for her 1 month photoshoot. (Two weekends ago). She was not necessarily a fan.

But I did manage to capture some other cute moments in her Skip Hop playyard. She loves that thing. Her favorite is the mirror that rests above her head. She's so sweet, smiling at the mirror at the face smiling back at her. It's quite adorable.

Happy 1 month Eliza Rose (a little late). You are amazing! All in a month's time you've figured out how to navigate this outer world with your mama and daddy at your side. You mastered breast-feeding, something I prayed about over and over and was so worried about. But you are a pro. You bring so much joy to our lives. We love every ounce of you. In one month's time you grew over a pound! (In fact, you grew over a pound as early as your 2 week appointment)! You met

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