the most productive day of the summer

Today marked a turning point in The Rose's life. Today she slept in her nursery all by herself. (Like, 3 times people)! Big deal!

It was my most productive day of the summer.
I remembered what it was like to have the use of two arms again.

I cleaned out my closet.
Bagged up 5 bags of clothes for goodwill.
Organized my other clothes into maternity, pre-maternity, fall and winter totes.
I did 4 loads of laundry.
I cleaned The Rose's nursery. (And then it got messy again).
I prepared (not made because it was technically one of the frozen meals I made back in April with my mom) dinner.
I scheduled a consultation for us to get our windows fixed. (We have 3 windows in our house that have been boarded up since we moved in and are now ready to *potentially* fix them).
I showered!
And now I am blogging.

Seriously, super productive!

On the other hand I have dried milk and liquid poop on my shirt, but that's another thing.
Happy Monday! (And wish me luck to a productive Tuesday)!

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Did you guys install that window in the door, or was it already like that?

Also, my very sleepy brain thought it read , "I scheduled an amputation..."

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