The Rose

The Rose is learning many new things this week.
She is learning to be more awake more during the day,
which gives her Mama more time to photograph her sweet face.
She is learning how to do tummy time,
although she will only take it for so long before she starts to get grumpy.
She is learning what her Mama and Daddy's faces look like,
and she loves to stare at them for long periods of time.
She also *was* learning how to milk her Mama and Daddy into constantly holding her
and never putting her down.
But (thanks to the help of her Gigi) she is now learning how to soothe herself to sleep (even if that means crying),
so that she isn't constantly being held. (And so her Mama can get a break).


Speaking of getting a break, my friend Stevi shared this amazing read with me yesterday that is so true and speaks to what my life has been like for the past four weeks. New Mamas out there, it's worth a read.

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