tutorial: DIY baby headbands

Our little swiftlet already has a ton of headbands coming out the wazoo... but I plan to keep that little head of hers decorated well so I made a few more last weekend.

I semi used this tutorial as a guide for the headbands using some discounted fabric flowers I found at Michaels.

First,  I removed the backs of the headbands, just by taking off one of the felt sides. Then I glued each flower piece onto a 13 inch piece of elastic using hot glue and felt.

And here's the final product!

These were super easy to make and really affordable too!

6 Flower pieces cost $3.00
Elastic $2.00 for 12 feet (enough to make the 6 headbands and have extra)
So basically, each headband cost $0.83!
Pret-ty fine if I do say so myself!

Happy Friday!


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Anonymous said...

Wow they looks so adorable and so resourceful. I can't wait to share this to my friends especially that they are a big fan of baby head accessories.

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