35 weeks

Today I am 35 weeks and 3 days preggers!
This week our baby swiftlet has decided she is going to be good to me and let me sleep.
I have had the BEST nights of sleep the last two and I have had so much energy. (I've even had to look down a few times to double check that I am in fact pregnant).

This week our baby swiftlet has an almost complete nursery (barring a few door knobs and curtains that need to be hung), filled with lots of beautiful clothes that will soon be cleaned.

This week our baby swiftlet has her bag packed with 6 little outfits and 10 little diapers and anything else I could fit in that diaper bag. (Mama still needs to pack hers though).

And this week she *may* be getting closer to a name. But really that comment is pointless because we're not going to tell you anyway.

I'm so excited!

Pray for our patient hearts. We can't wait to meet her! (But I do want to plant my garden first, so please wait until after Saturday afternoon baby girl).

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