33 weeks

Today is quite the Good Friday.
Today marks the beginning of an Easter weekend celebration, celebrating our Savior Jesus who gave his life up for all of us on a cross and was raised again. So that my sins can be forgiven. And yours too.
Today our baby swiftlet is getting closer and closer to being in our arms, on her 33rd week in my belly!
Today is sunny and beautiful.
Today I have no school.
Today Mr. Christopher is amazing and fixed our outside faucet that has been broken since September and I can have a garden again.
Today I made my little girl some super cute headbands (tutorial to come soon).
Today I have already been to an eye appointment, the vet (for Honey, of course), made and eaten two breakfasts and already did a craft... and it's only 12:30.
Today is His.

Happy Good Friday!

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