tutorial: mason jar soap dispenser

Today was snow day #6, so I decided to take advantage of my day and get a few things done off my never ending to-do list. Some of these things included crafts and DIY though, which was quite the treat for this March Monday.

Today I worked on a project that was inspired by my friend Lindsay and also came out of a bit of conviction.

I don't know about you but I love Bath & Body Works, specifically their hand soap. It's just the best. Early on when Mr. Christopher and I were married and living off of basically nothing (no, seriously) Bath & Body Works soaps were one of my few splurges in the year. I would stock up when they had a sale and have great smelling soaps throughout the year. I love them. I think their great. But reality is they are a little pricey and they waste a lot of plastic. I have 3 sinks in my house. I go through a container of soap every 1-2 months. If you do the math, that could mean AT LEAST 18 purchases of soap from B&BW (about $63 a year at purchasing only 18) and 18 plastic containers wasted. (I do recycle, but still)!

So with little miss swiftlet on the way (aka: re-thinking our budget) and wanting to reduce my amount of waste (even if it's recycling) I decide to make this. (And actually mine was even simpler than that).

Here's what I used:
 I started by poking small holes in the center of the lid using a hammer and nail. (The wider the nail the better).
 Once the space was big enough I used the pump from an old hand soap dispenser (this one was bought by our roommate, hence not B&BW).
 Finally, add soap! You can easily by soap in bulk at stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Sams. You can also make soap. I made my own using Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. (Highly concentrated soap in bulk that you water down to make your own).
And finito!

In this case, even if we buy the nice concentrated Dr. Bronner's soap, we could easily use half a gallon for a year's worth of soap (about $25) and then the only plastic we would have to recycle would be the one container that bulk soap would come in.

Now, that being said, please don't feel any judgement from me if you are purchasing soap! I totally get it and think it's great! But, I wanted to present another option for those of you who would like to save your splurges or budget on something else. (And, hey, mason jars are just the cutest things ever anyway, right)?

Happy Monday! I hope yours is less snowy than mine!


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