27 weeks

This dress is perfect 
because when I think of my daughter
I think of a wildflower.
(Thanks Emily for sharing your maternity goods with me)!

This week pregnancy brain is really getting the best of me.
I went to take my glucose test in my friend's pretty wildflower dress.
I was more excited than dreading it, because for me the glucose test meant I was getting closer to the end.

I was so excited that when the nurse asked me to spell my first and last name, I said
"A-I-M-E-E P-A-U-L-E."

She just looked at me for a few seconds and asked me my name again. It was then that I realized I spelled out my maiden name, and I seriously could not remember my last name for about 5 seconds.

And then I left without realizing I had also given the wrong social security number.

Pregnancy brain.

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