tutorial: daily calendar

Today I finished one of the projects I've been wanting to finish since January 1st. A daily calendar. 

It required only notecards, pens, a paper cutter, a small container and paint samples (used as separators). 

I pinned this idea over a year ago thinking it would be really neat to do with children. I love the idea of recording memorable events, especially with our little swiftlet on the way. There are so many firsts that will happen in the near future and I want to capture all of them. Once her room is a room, I plan to put this little calendar on a dresser somewhere.

So far I recorded a few memorable things from the last month of the 2014 year

jan 1: celebrated the new year at the Shields
jan 6: felt flutters for the first time (aka: baby moving)
jan 13: found out our little swiftlet is a girl!
jan 29: felt 3 kicks from the outside during a parent/teacher meeting
feb 4: snowday #3

Cheers to more memorable events! (and to creating her nursery!)

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Robert Nguyen said...

Unbelievable work man!! Keep your heads high you probably did it, modern times when internet has so much facility of gossip and stuff, your articles have awfully refreshed me.

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