nursery inspiration

Mr. Christopher and I have been dreaming about our little swiftlet's nursery for a while now. (Usually it's a bit more of me dreaming and coming to him with ideas, but he definitely has ideas of his own. He is pretty creative). We're beginning the nursery at the end of this month, so we're down to a few weeks until go time.

We've settled on a theme: happy camper nursery. This bodes well with our love for the outdoors (we did meet after all in the Rocky Mountains) and our adventurous natures.

Our colors will most likely be a mixture of pastels within a room of white and gray, like many of the images above. We're using these images to hash out some solid ideas about wall colors and floors and all those plans. We're dreaming of white furniture and pastel banners and wood slices and big trees and little animals.

This girl will be forced to love nature as much as we do.

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