gray skies

This morning the skies were overcast.
It made me think of the little mobiles I finished yesterday for the nursery, inspired by this.
(Those will be blogged once they are hung in the nursery).
And it made me think of my little girl.
And it made me excited to think that on those very soon quiet, gloomy mornings she will be here for me to hold and nurse and kiss and stare at her beauty.

It made me think of a song my momma used to sing,
"you make me happy when skies are gray."
She already makes me happy when skies are gray.
I can't wait to see the happiness she will bring when she is here in full-form,
not just kicking my growing tummy.

And so I made her and outfit that she can wear when future skies are gray.

And look at these beauties from mr. christopher.

He was bad. We agreed that we weren't going to do anything big for valentines. Just dinner at home and coffee downtown. Intentional time with intentional questions was all we wanted. But he went against his word and bought me these with some chocolate.

Flowers make my soul smile.
Chocolate is pretty good too.

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