Francie, Annemarie, Scout and Maya

Soon after I found out I was pregnant, I was convinced she was a girl.
I had a dream. And from then I was sure.
Knowing/thinking she was a girl I began to read stories.
Stories about young girls who are bold and strong and have big hearts and overcome evil.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Number the Stars
To Kill a Mockingbird
And now, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Somehow I think I hope that these little stories can inspire my heart to inspire hers.
Down the road.
I hope that she has a heart as big as the Lord can allow. One that loves and loves unconditionally. One that gives generously and cares for the broken and doesn't care about money but cares about Him and His glory and loving people because of Him. I hope that she learns to overcome and persevere and continue when it is hard. I hope she learns to have compassion and tenderness and strength. And I hope that she learns to be herself, in her skin, who the good Lord intends her to be.

Maybe these books are more for me, to be inspired to be a Mama to a brave new little girl. Either way, they'll have a space on her future bookshelf, as a reminder of my prayers for her before she was even here.

(This is what I am doing instead of watching the Seahawks slam the Broncos. Reading).

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