four weeks to a more organized home

Today I am sick at home.
Sneezing, coughing and headache.
All that fun stuff.

Being at home today is hard.
I think I am starting to get into the "nesting phase."
But I don't have a nursery or diapers or drawers to nest with.
So I've been feeling a little antsy.

I decided the first best thing to do is return to Him (which is a good reminder of my word for this year).
And then I think I am going to begin this. I pinned it a few years ago, thinking it would be good to do it someday. And I am thinking that in this season in which I want to prepare for baby, but don't have the ability to prepare her room yet, I can get the rest of my house ready.

Return, O my soul, to your rest;
for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.
Psalm 116:7

p.s. Baby swiftlet has been a wild kicker lately. I don't know if she is getting crazier or if she is just getting bigger so that now I can feel her. I have been wondering when she ever sleeps because most of the time I can feel her moving around. In fact, last night I went to bed early (being sickly). When Chris came to bed he put his hand on my belly and felt her kicking even then. So sweet. Love her!

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