25 weeks

Today is the last day of 25 weeks!
It's crazy to think that there are only 14(ish) more.
We have a lot to do in these next 14(ish) weeks.

Like today, we started the nursery.
Nursery before:
The after photo will be a while.

Today we painted the walls a light gray with our moms. It felt so good to get started. And now we're on a (somewhat) fast track to finishing. Our goal is to have the room ready by May 1st (giving us a month leeway), but we'll see how well we do with that.

We have many things on our to do list for the nursery, as it is one of the few areas of our fixer-upper house that we have not touched with a paintbrush or screwdriver.

Some of the things we'd like to do in the next 2 months include:
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the closet
  • Paint the trim, window and doors
  • Rip out the carpet
  • Install new carpet
  • Refinish dresser (that my great-grandpa built!) for a changing table
  • Paint tree silhouettes
  • Install shelving in weird corner of the room (thank you old houses for weird corners of rooms)
  • Hang curtains on window and door
  • Figure out how to make the door not squeek
  • Put up all the baby stuff (more details on "stuff" later)
Wanna help?
Cheers to baby swiftlet!
Oh yeah, and we still need to pick a name. That's not that big of a deal though, right?

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