24 weeks

This is a sad, sad week. It is the week I have known would happen at some point in time during the pregnancy. It is the week I weigh the same as my husband. And I'm not even in the 3rd trimester.

Good thing it's a healthy reason to be gaining all this weight. I really am totally glad for that reason! I promise!

This week baby swiftlet LOVES:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Elvis Presley Bread (toasted bread with peanut butter and bananas- just about EVERY morning for her first breakfast)
  • Triple Berry Pie that I made for her Daddy's 28th birthday!
  • Kicking her mama
  • Swaying to the tunes of the Beatles on the record player
Speaking of babies, look at these other two hot mamas!

Mr. Christopher and I are SUPER blessed to have so many preggo friends surrounding us. These are just a few of our friends going through this same life stage as us. Kirstin (left) is 11 weeks along and Emily (right) is 38 weeks! We are exactly 3 months apart from right to left.

Woo-hoo to babies! 

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