tutorial: DIY wooden birdie earrings

Last week I shared one of the homemade Christmas gifts I gave to many of my friends and women in my family for Christmas. Another gift I gave this year was earrings. Since owning the shop with my friend Kirstin, homemade earrings has become a common theme in my annual Christmas gifts. (Although each year they take on a different personality).

This year I made little wooden birdie earrings. And they're so simple to make!

You can find the wooden silhouettes at most craft stores (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), along with the earring posts and backs. All you do is glue to two together and you have a simple pair of DIY earrings. Attach them to a paint sample for giving and it makes them even cuter!

But instead of waiting until next Christmas to make these, maybe you could make them for yourself? Enjoy!


On another note, last night was the first session of the Whole Birth Yoga class I am taking. It was a little surreal to be sitting around the room with 7 other women, all of whom who are pregnant, talking about their pregnancies and doing different prenatal yoga stances, but so amazing too! I am definitely excited for the next 5 weeks of the class.

Happy Thursday!

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