tutorial: cloth baby wipes

Today was one of those days that if I were a soda drinking woman, I would have had one. 
Between Science Fair going on at school and our community group kicking back to full swing, this past week was a doosey for me. I am beginning to realize that my pre-pregnancy life pace is not going to keep working for this pregnant bod. My pace of life is going to have to change. So, I'm sort of trying to figure that out.

Today I took an intentional day of rest. 
I had breakfast with some lovely ladies, went to church, napped and crafted. AND I finished my first craft for my baby girl: cloth baby wipes!

Christopher and I have decided to use cloth diapers, for a number of reasons.
  1. They're environmentally friendly
  2. They will save us money in the long run (you can re-use them with every child)
  3. They're not as hard as they sound
  4. They're super cute
I don't think cloth diapers are for everyone, and I would never wish cloth diapers on a mama who is not interested in them. However, for us they're the norm. We've been lucky to have a community of friends who mostly use cloth diapers, so that's what we're used to. Also, we're pretty fortunate that we will *most likely* not have our little girl in childcare next year... so that means we don't have to make some poor baby sitter change all her cloth diapers. Because I can understand how that would be no fun.

Because we're doing cloth diapers, I decided to go ahead and make some cloth wipes too (after being recommended to do so by my friend Emily). By no means are we against disposable wipes (we've registered for a few packs), but we're planning to use re-usable cloth wipes for the long haul.

To make 10 cloth wipes you need:

  • 1 yd. of fabric (I got half a yard of two types, for front and back)
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
(I would recommend ironing the flannel before you begin. I forgot to do this).

And finished!

You could really easily grab some pretty little ribbon, tie a bow and gift these at your next baby shower too! They were very easy to make and affordable. (I paid a total of $3 to make 10).

(If you have a serger, you could also serge the ends of one piece of flannel for a easier baby wipe).

Special thanks to Em who showed me how to make these! More baby crafts to come!

I just love this little bump!


Sandra Azar said...

A baby feels comforted when they are in a familiar and calming situation. Imagine what their life was like for the first 9 months and then strive to recreate it.

Margarita said...

thanks for this recipe, i am finding it :)

sohana said...

looking very beautiful! I hope everyone will benefit

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