scrap yarn infant blanket

I have been on school break for almost two weeks. I love myself a good break. Especially during the holidays.

With my energy back up and the nausea real low, I have actually been motivated to craft a little. Last night Christopher and I watched some season 9 of Friends (thanks Momma for that Christmas gift!) and while we were watching I used some of my old balls of yarn to make the my first crafty item for our little swiftlet.

Here's what I did:

I used balls of old yarn. These are probably balls of yarn used to make Christmas hats and earwarmers a few years back. I also grabbed one of my favorite crochet hooks, the Boye Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hook. (I can't remember who introduced this hook to me, but whoever you are you're a genius).

This hook is great for a few reasons. #1) It's so big that it makes blankets in no time. #2) It's so big that it is great for infant blankets because it leaves large holes. When I use this hook I normally will use three balls of yarn at the same time.

Once I picked out my balls of yarn I went to town. I really didn't have any rhyme or reason to which colors I used. Once a ball of yarn ran out of yarn, I started a new one in it's place.

I hope you enjoy your Friday! We're getting ready for more SNOW this weekend!


p.s. I am using Christmas money to buy this today. Am I old if I am super stoked about a new traveling cosmetic bag?

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