downstairs bathroom remodel

In early January we began remodeling our downstairs bathroom. We started our to do list, checked out our pin board for inspiration, recapped over our budget (left-over money from selling our super-fun-but-definitely-not-for-a-baby convertible) and got to work. (Well, honestly, mostly Christopher got to work).

Here is bathroom in completion:

My style is colorful, thrifty and eclectic. The space reflects this pretty well.

Our bathroom was small and our budget was only $500. We saved in every area we could, especially when it came to decour.

We put in a new ceiling, toilet, sink and tile floor.
We painted and primed every single wall and trim.
We re-used tons of accessories including: the mirror/medicine cabinet, bugs poster, state print, shelf, baskets, buckets, shower curtain and towel racks.
We spent our Christmas money when it came to going over our budget (because we did go over about $100).

Some of my favorite parts are:

  • the white tile floor
  • the shower curtain (re-sewn from a regular window curtain that used to be in our living room)
  • the eclectic knobs from hobby lobby on my reclaimed shelf from my middle school bedroom
  • the chalkboard buckets from Suzanne and Dad
  • the state print from Pen & Paint

Since this was our first re-model to any part of our home, we learned a TON. (We both were brand new to just about every inch of the remodel, except for re-furbishing old things). Tomorrow I will share a little about what we would change and/or remember for the future.

Happy Monday!

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Lynn Williamson said...

I like the look of your bathroom. It’s simple yet cute. It goes to show how you don’t need to spend much to have a nice-looking house. I just wish you also posted some “before” pics, so readers can see how your bathroom improved. :)

Lynn Williamson

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