Christmas gifts

Gift giving (and receiving) is definitely one of my love languages. (I blame that on my parents and grandparents for always being so generous with gift giving. Generosity is a great characteristic to have).

Although I dislike the materialistic side of Christmas I genuinely love giving unique and creative gifts to our family and friends... and I love receiving these kinds of gifts as well. Gifts that are thoughtful, caring and me.

This year I was seriously blessed with some super useful and beautiful gifts (like some of those above). 

  • Chalk contact paper
  • "Always believe something wonderful is about to happen" Painting from Pen & Paint
  • Rainbow square chalk sticks
  • A thrifted floral jewelry box
  • "Owls" coffee mug and saucer
  • Baby Grace shampoo, bath and shower gel

  • Chevron Crock Pot (I was drooling over this for months)
  • the warmest, coziest robe that I will take to the hospital with me when our little swiflet arrives (in the meantime I have been wearing it non-stop)

  • these beautiful earrings thrifted in the Pacific Northwest
  • and so much more. Seriously, family and friends you are so sweet and generous!

Our little swiftlet also got some great goodies from his/her family and friends:

  • The most adorable fox blanket (perfect for that woodland nursery... or camp nursery... or whatever I decide!)
  • Biscuit's Pet & Play Christmas book
  • A MIZZOU bib
  • "Chill Baby" Pacifier (it has "VOLUME" on it with little volume numbers - so cute)
  • AND a gold glitter bow (since everyone in my family is convinced our swiftlet is a SHE)
My most interesting gift comes from my sister:

Google it. WEIRD. But it makes perfect sense coming from her.

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

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