bathroom remodel so far

Have you ever remodeled a bathroom? WELL, we are were bathroom remodel newbies. We started the bathroom remodel almost two weeks ago with this board as our inspiration. We are almost done! Only a few (smaller) things left.

Here's our bathroom remodel task list:
  • Install new ceiling
  • Prime and paint ceiling
  • Remove old toilet, sink cabinet and mirror
  • Install new water valves for sink (this was *unexpectedly* added to our task list)
  • Remove trim
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Prime and paint medicine cabinet and mirror
  • Remove old vinyl flooring
  • Install new tile (backer board, mortar, tile & grout)
  • Install new trim
  • Prime and paint trim
  • Install new toilet and sink cabinet
  • Install new outlet covers
  • Cut, prime and paint door
  • Cut XL shower curtain
  • Sew old curtains to fit length of shower curtain
  • Prime and paint shelf
  • Install toilet paper rack
  • Spraypaint and install towel hooks
  • By accessories! ( frames, prints, rug, towels)

Today I am painting the medicine cabinet, painting the shelf, sewing the shower curtain and (if I have time) running by Kohl's to look for a rug. I am hoping to have everything up and finished by this weekend. I will be sure to share when it is completely finished.

I hope your Sunday is refreshing and beautiful, a good start to a new week.

**Psst! We find out baby swiftlet's gender on Tuesday! Stay tuned!**

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