Baby Swiftlet's Gender Reveal

On Tuesday we had our little girl's Gender Reveal party!
I had never been to a gender reveal (let alone had one hosted for me) but it was amazing!
So! Much! Fun!

(p.s. I slightly resemble a balloon in these pictures, but I promise I don't usually look like this in real life... or at least I think).

Christopher and I had gone to the ultrasound earlier in the day.
We asked to have the gender quietly sealed in an envelope so we didn't know.
We went the whole day knowing that we could know but didn't know.
It was exciting.

Our friends got the envelope in the morning and made a cake for that evening.
The color inside the cake would tell us the baby's gender.

At the party everyone had to cast their votes...
Pink lips for a girl.
Blue mustaches for a boy.

team boy

team girl

Then it was time for the cake cutting...

And the cake was pink!

Thank you to sweet Kirstin and Emily for celebrating our little girl before she was even here!
Thank you to Marge for the great photos to remember!
And thank you to all our family and friends who participated, either in person or on FaceTime.

We are so excited to have a baby girl.
Our little swiftlet.
Our little bee.

And now I can get to work on that nursery!

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