19 weeks

It's been a while since my last belly bump post, but our little swiftlet is still growing!

Things baby swiftlet loves:

  • warm (but not too hot) baths
  • warm meals, especially with chicken
  • mama's new maternity shirts (loving Liz Lange maternity at Target and trying some things from Oldnavy.com soon)
  • SNOW DAYS! (snow day #2 tomorrow)
Next week we find out our little swiftlet's gender! EVERYONE in my family is convinced it's a girl (including me). What's your prediction? BOY or GIRL? Share in the comments!


Aaron said...

It's a boy, because Evan and Eben need a friend.

Lindsay said...

I definitely think it's a girl! You are so cute, I can't even stand it! In a good way :).

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