I am offically starting to feel like myself.
Above is proof.
#1. I am baking again. (Pumpkin bread, in fact)
#2. I am cooking again. (The best soup EVER, introduced to me by my great friend Kirstin).

In addition to those above milestones, I also filled two totes today of clothes. These are the totes labeled "clothes I can't fit into now because of my baby bump, but clothes I really hope I can fit into again someday." Quite the label, I know.

AND I started two registries. Woop! Fun stuff.

I think I am starting to realize I am having a baby and that I don't just have the flu. This is the fun part, right?

Happy December 1st!

p.s. Our shop is still discounted until (at least) the rest of the night! Don't miss out!

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