upcycled wool stockings

Lately I haven't felt myself.
I blame part of this on pregnancy.
This being said, I haven't crafted in a long time. Probably since the end of September.
Weird for me.

With Christmas on the horizon and me *beginning* to feel like myself, I worked on my first craft project today since September. It was refreshing.

It's super easy if you want to try:
1. Grab an old sweater. I found this one at Salvation Army. I wore it last year but it was too itchy to keep wearing it.
 2. Cut out the stocking. I used one of our stockings as a template. I cut about an inch on all sides.
 3. Once they looked (somewhat) like stockings, I sewed them together. (After trying it with just the wool sweater the first time, I went back and added heavy red felt to the top to give the top of the stocking some shape. Otherwise, it didn't work as well).
 4. Hang! (I have a few weeks until it's time to actually hang my stockings on the mantle, so for now it's hanging on our closet door).

It's the beginning of Christmas crafts!

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