on being preggers

Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, lemme go ahead and fill you in on major deets of our my past few weeks being preggers.

First in photos:

(I think I just ate a lot before that 8 weeks picture).

I'm currently 10 weeks, but a little behind on my photosessions. Probably because I keep watching this. (Hopefully that doesn't make me vain).

Clothing update:

  • Today I retired 5 pairs of skinny jeans/work pants. Sad day. They are going in the "hopefully I fit back into these, but I know I probably won't" tote.
  • I also bought my first size 6 pair of pants and bought those long undershirt tank tops at Old Navy that I never buy because they are too long and I've always been too short, but now I need them because I need some extra length for this pooch.

Food update:

  • Instead of eating fresh fruit, I've been craving canned fruit. Especially canned peaches. Fresh fruit makes me feel gross.
  • I now hate green bell peppers. And maybe cooked onions too?
  • I've gone through 2 large containers of pickles and many bags of pickle chips.
  • Chocolate is just bleh. Except if it's Chocolate Chex or Count Chocula (which is now the only cereal I eat). Chris feels threatened in the food pantry now.
  • Oh, and Chris's favorite: I now eat meat.
And on an unrelated pregnancy note, I've been catching up on How I Met Your Mother on my couch and just saw Ted's future wife. eermergesh!

That's all for today!
Any motherly advice!?!?


Kirstin Schulz said...

Yes! Count Chocula! You came over to the dark side :) Also, we just watched that HIMYM episode where we see her face- how huge!

Amy said...

My all-time best pre, during and post pregnancy pants are some skinny jeans from Target that have stretch and embarrassingly say "jeggings" on the label. All my other pants feel frumpy after wearing them:)

Lindsay said...

Love this! Totally relate to the "hopefully I'll fit into these someday again but probably not" pile. But you probably will. Just maybe not right away :). And I also started eating meat again when I got pregnant with Rhys. Aren't the food craving wild?? It's so weird the way you just neeeeed to eat certain things and other things you normally love taste gross.

aimee swift said...

To the dark side I have come Kirstin! Amy, I actually just got a pair of "jeggins" yesterday and I LOVE them. They're so comfy and look like normal skinny jeans! Lindsay, my food cravings have been very interesting to say the least. I really hope I go back to my "normal" self afterward though. :)

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