a laugh for your friday

Chris says I have been a little bit of a downer on my blog as of late.
And the reality is that has kind of been me a little bit as of late.
But really, I promise Mom, I'm striving to find the JOY in it all.
So let me share with you a JOYFUL story.


Wednesday we had our 2nd ultrasound. It was beautiful and amazing to see our little swiftlet just a-kicking and arm-waving away. We were blown away. It actually looked like a little baby. It was amazing.

Afterward we went downstairs to meet with my OB. Per usual, they asked me to pee in a cup before she came in. So I headed across the hall to the bathroom. Peeing hasn't been an issue lately. It's been easy to come by.

So I went. Peed in my cup. Set it off to the side. Yadda yadda. Before I had gone into the bathroom the nurse reminded me, "Don't forget to put your name on it and make sure you put it in the cabinet." So after I went I grabbed a marker, wrote my name and looked for the cabinet. It was off to the side of the sink. Metal and small. With one hand I held my pee cup and with the other I opened the cabinet.

There was already one cup in the cabinet so I set my mind to put my cup to the right side. Thinking the cabinet was like any other in which you open and the metal door stays open, I removed my hand from it just as I moved my cup up in the line of the cabinet door. Just about that time the cabinet door slammed against my hand holding the pee cup and pee went alover the bathroom wall AND floor. Yum!

I started busting up laughing.

Thankfully I had enough pee left in me to still have an adequate sample.

Happy Friday! :)

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Aaron said...

Our second ultrasound was the best one. Finally being able to see the shape (and sex) of the baby, almost as though it was a real person or something, was really cool.

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