11 weeks (last week)

Last week was 11 weeks.

And I have to admit:
you know how when you dream about being pregnant and having babies that all you think about is the bliss?
The exciting belly.
The little kicks.
The funny food cravings
and of course the darling little baby!

Well, I've been struggling with realizing that this was all I really thought about before too. I didn't really think about the hard stuff and I don't feel like many women talk about it that much.

Most of what I heard before getting pregnant was about how
and beautiful
and exciting everything is.

People forgot to tell me that it also kind of stinks. People forgot to tell me that you barf a lot. That the foods that you ate forever no longer taste good. That you sleep all the time. But when you do sleep you wake up to pee a lot and you're not that comfortable. That you're moody and sad and life is hard.

So, women of the world that are thinking about being pregnant someday: know that that is a reality. I am telling you now. (And when you need to vent, feel free to complain in my ear).

That being said, I am still very much in love with our future swiftlet, even though its only really the size of a small plum. I can't wait to meet the little him or her and I know that he or she will bring lots of joy to our lives. But even so, it's hard.

Just so you know.


Anonymous said...

You're right, the first trimester (and last few weeks of the 40) are HARD. They do stink! I was there not too long ago and I'm SO GLAD to not be pregnant anymore! I was exhausted the first several weeks, taking a nap after school EVERY DAY. And I'm not a napper. Then I was just so wiped out at the end. However...holding and caring for little Eli has been the most amazing (and yet, challenging) journey EVER. Life is never easy again--I can see that even being 16 days a mom. But I can also see what an incredible blessing it is! I pray that the second trimester is wonderful for you (it often is)! God bless and can't wait to meet your little swiftlet!

Aaron said...

I've never been pregnant, but I often eat so much that I get really stuffed, so I know EXACTLY what you're going through.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amanda. It's a good reminder that the end result is worth it, and also hard too. :) Thanks for the encouragement friend!

And Aaron, I'm SURE you understand. ;)

Stevi said...

Pregnancy is a challenge, for sure. By the end of my pregnancy and after labor & delivery, I truly felt like a warrior. Like I had done battle and come out victorious. Sure, there are warm fuzzies, and I'm not turned off to the idea of doing it again, but it's the most challenging thing I had ever done up to that point. What you probably also need to know is that the challenge doesn't end in the birthing room...

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Margarita D. Smith said...

I'm in pregnant like you, i like your articles in this blog. You're so beautiful :)

sohana said...

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