painting in color

Lately I've been painting. (Please ignore our dirty floor).
I said that before.
I've been painting in lots of color.
Color fills my life.
Chris had no idea when he married me that his house would be full of flowers and rainbows.
Now he just deals with it.

I currently have 3 paintings (2 above) and 1 windowpane that will be for sale at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. I'm working on (at least) 3 more. The mirror below and 2 other window panes.

Honey is not amused.

Come check us out in 2 weekends (October 12th and 13th) at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. If you do, you can take one of our new handy dandy business cards!

Aren't they adorable?
I made them with a graphic from the lovely ink nest.

Happy Saturday y'all!


Rachel Mayes said...

Nice chaco tan lines on your feet!!!

aimee swift said...

Haha, thanks Rachel!

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