tutorial tuesday... on wednesday!

Hello friends! This week you are getting a tutorial on Wednesday because yesterday I forgot. I was at school working on my classroom (first day August 21st) and completely forgot. I have a feeling things like that are going to start happening more and more as the school year progresses.

This week my DIY project was making glitter jars/candle holders from upcycled Bath and Body Works candles. A few years ago I began saving the old candle wax to reuse them in my scentsy pot. Now I am saving both.

The idea was inspired by my sister Anna who made something like these last year for her dorm room. I reused candle jars instead of mason jars #1) because I had them and #2) because I am already using all of my mason jars to the brim. 

Here's what you do:
#1) Clean them.
 #2) Cover them with Elmers glue.
 (I used a brush to do this)
 #3) Glitter them.
 #4) Dry them.
 Mine took about 2 full days to dry completely to where there was no white glue residue.

 #5) Fill them! I am using mine in my classroom. I filled them with highlighters, sharpies, pens and more pens. They would also be pretty adorable as decoration for a gathering or holiday with little votives inside. (I may end up doing something like this again for Halloween or Christmas)?

Thanks for checking in! Any tutorials you'd like to share? I'd love to see! Link them below or email me at aimeelaurenswift {at} gmail {dot} com.

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