fixer-upper friday: DIY storage shelves

Today I am going to boost my hubby's ego because he is the man.
Not many men can move into a fixer-upper house knowing basically nothing about fixing up a house and begin to learn basically everything that comes his way. He's learned many new things since November, including building these awesome DIY storage shelves.

Here's what he had to say:

Ever since we got our house back in November, I imagined lining our basement walls with storage shelves, among many other Man Cave potential projects. "Storage Shelves" hit the list we put up on our basement door as a reminder for the summer.

Things were a little delayed as Spring ushered in a host of water problems in our basement. Using my shop-vac, I sucked up water and emptied it down our drains for hours before finally breaking down and calling up my step-dad to help with our perpetual leaking basement.

Once we stopped the water flow, I experimented with a storage shelf for our band equiptment. After I was pleased with constructing this 6-foot shelf with spending only $30 I called up my Dad and we went to town building shelves the next weekend.

Altogether, we now have 60 feet worth of shelving between four different free-standing units all for about $130. You can see some instructions on how I built my first one over on my blog if you want (though my blog is much less cute than my wife's). It's a pretty easy process to replicate.

There are plenty of Man Cave projects to come but it's exciting to have some organization to the space down there!


Be sure to check out his personal blog (with the step-by-step instructions) and ministry blog!
Have a great weekend!

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