missing mealtime

Yesterday the boys left. I kissed those sticky cheeks goodbye and my heart was sad. Even though I was exhausted (and only after four days!) I would have taken more days with them.

Their hearts are so big and sweet for those little bodies. They're precious.

Even though I dream and dream and can't wait to have children of my own, I am super thankful that Christopher and I get time like this to devote to our nephews, undivided time to allow them to feel special and sweet and spoiled.

Last night after I got home Christopher asked me what my favorite part of the week was. And I have decided that my most favorite part of it all was the meals. I loved having meals with the boys. It was the best. Someday in the future we'll have lots of those.

By the way, check out this video we made yesterday called Invasion of the Dog Snatchers! (It was all Diesel and Christopher).

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